Episode 39: 25 Best Inventions of 2017

November 20, 2017

Apple has delayed their smart speaker, HomePod, until 2018, saying “We can't wait for people to experience HomePod, Apple's breakthrough wireless speaker for the home, but we need a little more time before it's ready for our customers. We'll start shipping in the US, UK and Australia in early 2018.”

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has received a card within iTunes claiming that it is available to rent in 4K. Whilst the film is still only available in HD for now, this might indicate that Disney and Apple have come to an agreement to stream 4K content on iTunes. 

iPhone X has been named one of the “25 Best Inventions of 2017” by TIME Magazine. Other products in the list include the Nintendo Switch, Tesla Model 3 and fidget spinners.




Episode 38: iPhone X Problems A [?]

November 13, 2017

There are reports of some iPhone X units displaying a bright green line vertically down the screen, with some suspecting this could be a hardware fault. 

Some users have also reported buzzing and crackling from the earpiece speaker when playing loud audio.

Apple have said they are aware of some iPhone X units that become temporarily unresponsive to touch after a rapid change to a cold environment.

Apple is $100 Billion away from becoming the world’s only trillion dollar company. Apple shares are currently trading for around $175, giving the iPhone maker a market cap of roughly $900 billion. The valuation puts Apple within $100 billion of becoming the world's only trillion dollar company. 

Apple have released iOS 11.1.1, which fixes a bug that caused the letter “i” to auto correct to “A [?]”

Apple Pay Cash has released in beta form in iOS 11.2 beta. Apple Pay Cash is limited to the USA for now.


Episode 37: iPhone X

November 6, 2017

The iPhone X is here. One of the MacMen managed to get their hands on one on Day 1.


Episode 36: “I Think We’re All Keynoted Out For The Season!”

October 23, 2017

Apple and AT&T are teaming up to improve cellular service in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, with the activation of LTE Band 8.


Amid reports that say only 2 to 3 million iPhone X units will be available at launch, Apple Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams, will meet with Terry Gou, Chairman of Foxconn. Whilst it wasn’t revealed what topics would be discussed, they will presumably be looking at ways to deal with the manufacturing bottleneck the upcoming iPhone is facing. 


Apple’s Craig Federighi has responded to a customer’s email that was asking whether or not we would see an October keynote event. Federighi simply said, “I think we’re all Keynoted out for the season!”


Apple is being sued by an app developer, Enrique Bonansea, who claims that he came up with the name “Animoji” in 2014, and registered it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2015.


Episode 35: Tim Cook On AR, Foldable iPhones, And A Phishing Scam That Could Trick Even The Tech Savvy

October 16, 2017

In an interview with Vogue, Tim Cook said that he sees Augmented Reality as being “as key as having a website” for brands.


In another interview with ”The Independent”, Tim Cook said that the technology doesn’t exist to do Augmented Reality Smart Glasses “In A Quality Way”.


Apple are partnering with LG to create a “foldable iPhone”, according to Korean site, “The Investor”. 


A proof-of-concept phishing attack has been gaining traction online as it shows how developers can easily use Apple-style pop ups to gain access to a user’s Apple ID and password.


Woolworth's Everyday Rewards card will soon be added to Apple Wallet.


Episode 34: Google’s Pixel 2, “Burst Gate”, and Siri is 6 Years Old.

October 9, 2017

Google has announced a range of new products at a press conference last week, including the Pixel 2, featuring a single rear camera lens, no headphone jack and “active edge” technology that lets users squeeze the phone to activate Google Assistant. 


Also announced were two new smart speakers, the Google Home mini, and the Google Home Max, bluetooth ear phones called Pixel Buds, and a new high end laptop, the Pixelbook.


Some iPhone 8 devices are bursting open due to a possible battery failure.


And Apple’s digital assistant, Siri,  turned 6 years old last week.


Episode 33: iPhone X, iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3, 4K Apple TV

September 18, 2017

Apple finally confirmed all the circulating rumours by announcing the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3 and 4K Apple TV. Face ID, Portrait Lighting, Dual Optical Image Stabilisation and Apple Heart Study were some of our favourite features. The pricing was not one of them. The MacMen run down all of the details for you.


Episode 32: iPhone X Leaky Lineup

September 11, 2017

Rob and Lachlan present a leaky lineup (as opposed to a rumour roundup) as we hear new details of the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, the new Apple Watch and 4K Apple TV with HDR. Also, Face ID details.


Episode 31: Let’s Meet At Our Place

September 4, 2017

Apple has sent invites for their September iPhone event to members of the press. The event is to be held on 10am, Tuesday September 12 PDT. For our listeners in Australia, this equates to 3am Wednesday 13th September Australian Eastern Standard Time. The event will be the first held at Apple’s new campus, in the Steve Jobs Theatre.

Gestures are set to change the way we interact with our iPhones, according to a report from Bloomberg. With the rumoured absence of a home button, the report states that a user will unlock the phone by swiping up a thin bar from the bottom of the screen. 

Apple may release a “Galaxy Note 8” sized iPhone with 6.4” OLED display next year, if a new report from South Korea’s ETNews is to believed. The phone would be even larger than the Galaxy Note 8, but with almost no bezels, the physical size of the device would be similar to the current iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple is pushing for $20 4K movies in iTunes, whilst film studios are pushing for $25 - $30. In the lead up to the rumoured 4K APPle TV announcement, Apple are said to be scrambling to strike deals with movie studios regarding the pricing of 4K movies. Apple wants to continue charging $19.99 for 4K movies, which is the same price currently charged for HD films.

Gadget of the Week: Sphero's R2D2 and BB-9


Episode 30: Rob’s Return!

August 28, 2017

Rob has returned from his time overseas, just in time to record a new episode of MacMen!

An eagle-eyed resident of California has spotted one of Apple’s Lexus SUVs recently, sporting a brand new LIDAR set up. The  LIDAR systems on the car are designed to send out laser beams to allow the car to accurately detect its surroundings, essentially creating a 3D map of the environment around the vehicle. GPS, wheel sensors, and cameras are all used to assist in the self-driving functionality. 

Samsung mobile president, DJ Koh, has told CNBC last week that Samsung is working on a smart speaker. "Maybe soon we will announce it. I am already working on it," Koh said. He went on to say, "As I mentioned I wanted to provide a fruitful user experience at home with Samsung devices, and I want to be moving quite heavily on it." Google Assistant has been launched on iOS in Australia, Germany, France and the UK. The Google Assistant is 137 megabytes in size and requires iOS 9.1 or later. It is compatible with iPad, along with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Samsung has announced its Galaxy Note 8 at an event in New York last week. It features a 6.3” AMOLED display, with no side bezels, though it does have small bezels at the top and bottom. It features a dual-12MP camera set up, with one wide angle and one telephoto lens. Like the S8, it will have facial recognition, and Iris Scanning as ways to unlock the phone. A fingerprint scanner remains on the back of the phone.